Don’t stress: Spending Valentine’s Day on campus


Photo credit: Katie Wedge

Jocelyn Burns

It can sometimes be difficult to find the perfect romantic gesture while not having a car to get off campus. Although it may not sound like the perfect date at first, there are multiple ways to spend Valentine’s Day right here at RMU! Just because both love birds don’t have transportation doesn’t mean they should suffer.

A simple solution can be having a movie night in your dorm room. Find a time where your roommate won’t be in the room, clean it up and maybe add some decorations. Candles are a no-no, but hanging up string lights can add to the romance. One option might be to order from Kiyoshi and get your favorite Chinese meals for delivery. If both of you aren’t up for Chinese, pizza is always a great option. After finding the perfect meal, you could find a favorite movie to watch on Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime or DVD.

If you don’t want to order in and want to try to make your own meal, RoMo’s might be able to help. RoMo’s has fresh produce and other ingredients that could aid in a “home-cooked meal.” RoMo’s also sells easy-to-make items like pasta, soup and other simple dishes that can feel more personal than ordering takeout.

Being on campus can make it hard to find any alone time at all, so a nice gesture may be easier than trying to make a whole night of it. Ordering a gift online and getting it sent to campus for your significant other is a simple way to make your partner happy without leaving the comfort of your own bed.

Not having transportation on Valentine’s Day could put a damper on your plans, but you shouldn’t let it ruin the entire holiday. The day is about expressing love for each other, and that should not be hindered by the setting of your date.