Evanescence wakes up the UPMC Events Center with successful concert

Alternative rock bands gave audiences a perfect experience in the new event center


UPMC Event Center

Garret Roberts, Arts and Entertainment Editor

Editor’s Note: All opinions on RMU Sentry Media are the writer’s own. 

MOON TOWNSHIP – Evanescence headlined the first concert at the new UPMC Events Center on May 12. Bringing their iconic alternative rock sound to the campus of Robert Morris University, the band offered audiences their first chance to see the rock legends in a brand new location.

The first music performance in the venue, the audience remained electric throughout the night and showed a warm welcome to both bands that played. With rock enthusiasts and die hard Evanescence fans blending into one community under the same roof, the environment was fun to be a part of.

UPMC Event Center

The concert started with VERIDIA, an alternative rock band from Nashville, as the opening act of the night. Featuring music from their most recent album, “The Beast You Feed,” they quickly won over the audience with their music.

While newer to the rock scene than Evanescence, VERIDIA was quick to show their talent through songs such as “Cheshire Smile” and “I Won’t Stand Down.” A great new sound in the alternative rock genre, they put on an impressive performance that will leave a lasting impression on audiences.

During their set, they were joined on stage by Evanescence’s Amy Lee for their song “I’ll Never Be Ready.” With VERIDIA’s Deena Jakoub’s emotional singing and Lee’s piano playing perfectly accompanying each other, they created a compelling sound that made the audience feel the emotional impact of the song.

UPMC Event Center

After a brief intermission, Evanescence took the stage for the night. The audience exploded with excitement as soon as the lights went down, followed by the rock stars returning the energy with a fast paced and energetic concert.

While their opening act was able to get the crowd pumped up for the performance, the stage presence of Evanescence was able to keep the excitement high and create an environment full of energy for the audience to enjoy. There was never a dull moment while the band was on stage, causing the audience to sing and dance along.

They started their performance with songs like “Call Me When You’re Sober” and “Going Under,” using the harder tones to get the audience prepared for the night. Mixed in with these hard hitters were softer, piano driven hits such as “Lost in Paradise.”

UPMC Event Center

Lee switched seamlessly between the two tones, jumping between intense vocals and headbanging to gentle tunes and soft singing on the piano. The vocal range was noticed by the crowd as well, who quickly lit up as soon as their favorites were featured on stage.

The night ended with some of the bands classics, such as “Bring Me to Life” and “My Immortal.” As a long time fan of the band, hearing these live for the first time was an exhilarating experience. Over a decade later, these songs still hold up to their original performances and capture the audience’s emotions.

The choice of venue also helped keep energy high throughout the night. The UPMC Events Center is seemingly made for rock music, with a close and personal environment that encourages crowds to get involved with the performance.

The center would shake with the bass, making the concert akin to an amusement park ride during the intense songs. While I am personally prone to headbanging during rock music, the seats seemed to have the same motion and caused the audience to shake throughout the night. While this may be inconvenient for other concerts, rock music seems to compliment the venue’s experience

While there was no traditional “mosh pit” for Evanescence, the UPMC Events Center’s floor seating is seemingly built for that high energy style of concert. Seeing more rock and metal come to the center will be great, prompting a fun experience from the new venue.

For the first concert at the UPMC Events Center, Evanescence made sure it was one to remember. With amazing music throughout the night in a brand new venue, the concert was a massive success and entertaining throughout. Evanescence has hinted that they have new music on the way, and if it’s anything like their performance at RMU, it’s sure to be a hit.