FARCRY 4 Review


Tyler Jorgensen

FarCry 4 is a very big game with lots to do. The game starts with you taking your mothers ashes to their final resting place when you get caught up in the conflict between the golden path and the tyrannical leader Pagan Min. As soon as the game’s tutorial is over you can do anything you want. Some of the things open to you include hunting dangerous animals, racing, and taking over outposts. There are multiple ways for you to approach the missions. You can be stealthy and not sound the alarm or you can go in guns blazing or even try to find opportunities for chaos. Like letting a tiger go free in a camp by destroying its cage or by blowing up their vehicles. How you approach the situation is up to you.

The game has a big selection of weapons for you to choose from and customize to your liking. One gun can have different scopes and have a grenade launcher attachment. There are skins for all the guns. The game also has a co-op mode where you can tackle the game with another friend. However, the other person can only play through the internet and not couch co-op.

Throughout your adventures you will level up and be given the opportunity to unlock skills that will help you on your journey. Some of these skills increase how many health syringes you can carry and others increase how much health you have. The best skill in my opinion is the ability to ride elephants that once I unlocked it completely changed how I interacted with the game. I would find elephants and ride them before attacking a base. The game also has a crafting system that has you use the pelts of animals to make bigger bags so you can carry more things.

The game also has multiplayer with modes like team death match and capture the flag. All in all the game Far Cry 4 has a lot to do and see to get the whole experience. That is why I am giving this game a 8.5/10. It’s a lot of fun, but after awhile it got old and I eventually moved on to something else.

Pros: A huge selection of different weapons, wing suit, weapon customization, Exploration

Cons: Repetitive missions, Locked guns that requires you to grind.