Little Evil: Big success


Sean Koepfinger

For those in the haunt life, it is officially Halloween season. The haunted houses are open and horror movies are starting to trickle in. But, theaters aren’t the only platform showing new fright fests. A few weeks ago, Netflix premiered their new original film, “Little Evil.”

A lampoon of the cursed child subgenre of horror, “Little Evil” tells the story of new stepfather Gary Bloom (Adam Scott) who is having trouble bonding with Lucas, his new stepson. When people start dying around him, Gary begins to suspect that his new kid might just be the Antichrist.

The setup has been seen a hundred times, from “The Omen” to “The Exorcist”; horror films know that kids can be creepy. What sets “Little Evil” apart is its tongue-in-cheek approach. Written and directed by Eli Craig of “Tucker and Dale vs. Evil” fame, “Little Evil” takes the genre cliches and embraces them before turning them on their head for a fantastically outlandish finale. Sure, your kid might be the devil incarnate, but maybe he just wants to be understood.


Adam Scott gives a fantastic performance as Gary, giving us a new stepfather who is in over his head and struggling to relate to his new child. His comedic timing adds to the dark humor of the movie and gives you an every-man you can relate to.

But the real show-stealer is Bridget Everett’s performance as Al, Gary’s gender-ambiguous best friend who is kooky and cool and always there for Gary — even when his kid turns out to be pure evil. Everett adds an element of fun to liven up some of the otherwise slow moments of the film.

This isn’t a very scary movie — not even a little, but it is absolutely hilarious. If you’re a fan of the genre, this parody gives you exactly what you’re expecting as well as delivering a fantastic story about a father and son.

With October just around the corner, the horror market is about to explode. Go ahead and take a look at this early release to whet your appetite for a season full of screams.

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