Mad Max (Video Game) Review


Mad Max starts out with our hero, Max, attempting to go to a place known as the “Plains of Silence.” Before he can make his trip to the Plains, he is intercepted by the main villain, Scabrous Scrotus, who takes all his stuff. This leaves Max with only his desire to survive and rebuild his car to make the trip to the Plains. Along the way he meets all kinds of interesting people who will give him the parts that he needs to upgrade his car.

The main point of the game is to rebuild your car, the Magnum Opus. The game is 60% car and 40% Max, and what I mean is you are in the car more than you are on foot. You unlock parts for your car by completing missions and races.

Throughout the world, there are four forts controlled by four warlords. You complete missions for the warlords for more upgrades. You can also upgrade their forts so that way every time you visit them your health, gas, ammo, and water bottle are refilled. Scattered throughout the world map are strongholds where you have to kill everyone in the stronghold, kill the boss, or destroy the oil pumps. Doing this gets you scrap and makes the area around the fortresses less dangerous.

There are people who you can talk to around the map who will give you advice or tell you about other ways to enter the forts. These are known as wasteland missions and are completely optional, but doing them can make a tough fort super easy by skipping over all the fort’s defenses.

Max can be upgraded by completing challenges that unlock a token for Max to spend on upgrading his health, how much water he gets from water sources, how much gas he gets from cans, and even how long a melee weapons lasts when used.

All-in-all, Mad Max is a long but rewarding game. It gets repetitive, but the car makes it fun. That is why I am giving this game a 7.5/10. It has a lot to offer, but it gets old and boring at times. If you like Mad Max I would recommend you checking it out. If you’re not sure about if, renting the game is an option.

Pros: Upgrading Max, customizing the car, and plenty of gameplay to offer.

Cons: Repetitive gameplay,and lack of variety.