Movie Review: 21 Jump Street


Andrea Zanaglio, Assistant News Editor

Yes, 21 Jump Street is the latest 80s television show to be reinvented as a film for the big screen. Yes, like many others, I am getting very tired of all these remakes and reboots. However, I have to admit that this film is laugh out loud funny and is actually worth the time and money to see in theaters.

Similar to the television show that was aired from 1987 to 1991, the film focuses on an undercover police unit located on 21 Jump Street that is composed of young looking officers, specializing in youth crime.

Forced into this undercover operation after failing to read their first arrestee his Miranda Rights, Schmidt (Jonah Hill) and Jenko (Channing Tatum) are immediately given their first assignment. Both are sent back to high school as brothers for the purpose of finding the dealer selling a new drug to students.

Schmidt worries about returning to high school, having been a slim-shady wannabe nerd back in the day, while Jenko envisions returning as the big man on campus as the dumb but adored jock. However, the definition of popular has changed some since these guys’ high school days.

The roles have been reversed this time around when Schmidt finds himself with the in crowd and Jenko is stuck doing science experiments with the geeks. The guys quickly find the dealer among the students – Eric Molson played by Dave Franco, James Franco’s look-alike, younger brother – and go about their own ways to unveil the supplier.

Hilarity ensues as they devise plan after plan, including a house party in which Schmidt gets stabbed and his parent’s eventually bust, which all lead up to an epic climax at the high school prom. This final showdown is so over the top, but absolutely perfect for this film, especially the cameo from a fairly well known, former 21 Jump Street member.

While other recent 80s reboots have fallen flat, 21 Jump Street works because it does not try to replace the original, serious television show, but instead puts a comedic spin on the same concept, poking fun of itself at the same time.

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