Murder Mystery Party in Hancock Hall


Photo Credit: (MGN Online)

MOON TOWNSHIP– RMU students put their detective skills to the test as Erin Shannon, a first-year Community Advisor (CA), hosted the Murder Mystery Party.

During the event, students used their teamwork and critical thinking skills. The event consisted of seven different puzzles and trivia questions that students had to solve in order. After participants solved that part, they were given a clue card that would correspond with the puzzle for the next clue.

Shannon said that she came up with the idea during her CA training and when she suggested the event to her supervisor, she said “go for it.” Shannon also said that she came up with the idea because she “really likes murder mysteries.”

Shannon said the activity is special because it is based on teamwork rather than individual work.

“You have to work together as a team,” said Shannon. “A lot of events on campus are either individual like there’s decorating things, and a lot of competition things that are individually based so this is a lot of working together as a team. which is different than a lot of other events.”

Shannon explained that while she was planning the event, the biggest challenge that she had to overcome was planning an event on a budget.

“[The biggest challenge was] doing a lot of research to figure out which one I wanted to do for the lowest price but still getting a good escape room out of it,” Shannon said.

“In Hancock Hall, the whole building we have a competition, an Olympic competition so whoever wins events they get points for their ‘country’ which is their dorm room,” said Shannon. “At the end of the year, we are going to have a prize for whoever has the most amount of points.