New app enhances freshman experience


Ciara Adams and Adam Melluso

Beginning this school year, Robert Morris University is introducing a new student app, Colonial Guide. Colonial Guide is available exclusively to the Class of 2021.

This app helps students keep track of important tasks and deadlines throughout the fall and spring semesters with a personalized “path” on its home screen. The path functions as a to-do list that helped students prepare for the upcoming year. Each tracked event is grouped into the simple categories of focus or journeys. These are further divided into sections such as “Getting Involved” and “Health and Wellness.”

“The initiative which brought ‘Colonial Guide’ to our campus was really—it’s been a long time,” John Locke, Director of Student Activities and Leadership Development, said. “The process of wanting to integrate more data, gathering more data about our students, getting a really good idea of what their experience is like and providing them with the best possible experience they can have [is part of our mission].”

RMU just recently added their name to this already growing program that includes multiple institutions across the country. The “Colonial Guide” app is available for freshmen to download.