Police Blotter 2/06/18-2/12/18


2/06/18 -Criminal Mischief-Residence Life reported people arguing and glass breaking in Marshall Hall.  Officers located the parties involved, and charges will be filed for a broken window.(closed)

2/07/18 -Disabled Vehicle-A student reported their vehicle stuck in the Colonial Way parking lot.  Garzonys towing was contacted to remove the vehicle.(closed)

2/08/18 -Student Conduct-Officers were notified of a smell of marijuana at Yorktown Hall.  All parties involved were advised they would be sent through Student Conduct for their actions.(closed)

2/09/18 -Medical Emergency-Health Services reported a student in need of medical attention.  Valley Ambulance was contacted and transported the student to Sewickley Valley Hospital.(closed)

2/09/18 -201-A student was in need of medical assistant and was transported by this department to Sewickley Valley Hospital for treatment.(closed)

2/09/18 -Disorderly Conduct-Officers were advised of a fire alarm activated in Washington Hall.  The cause for the alarm was a student smoking a vape.  One citation was issued as well as a referral to Student Conduct.(closed)

2/10/18 -Fire Alarm-Guardian reported a fire alarm activated in Concord Hall.  Officers responded and found the cause to be burnt food.  Maintenance was notified to reset the alarm system.(closed)

2/11/18 -Assist Another Agency-Coraopolis Police requested a female officer to search a female detainee.  An officer responded and assisted without incident.(closed)

2/11/18 -302-A student was in need of a medical evaluation.  Valley Ambulance responded and transported the student to UPMC Presbyterian Hospital for treatment.(closed)

2/12/18 -Accident-Officers were notified of a minor accident in the Yorktown parking lot.  All pertinent information was obtained, and a report was issued for insurance purposes.(closed)

2/12/18 -Traffic Stop-A traffic stop was conducted off campus for a violation that occurred on campus.  Four citations were issued at the conclusion of the stop.(closed)

2/12/18 -DUI-An officer conducted a traffic stop that ended up with the driver being cited for Driving Under the Influence.(closed)