Spider-Man: No Way Home Swings Back into Theaters


Photo credit: Maxblizz.com

Samantha Dutch, Assistant Arts and Entertainment Editor

The world cannot get enough of “Spider-Man,” so the box office hit was brought back into theaters! On Thursday, with the official release day on Friday, the film made its second appearance in movie theaters all over the world, with added bonus content.

To open up the movie, you are first brought into a conversation with all 3 Peter Parkers (Tom Holland, Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield). They are talking about the film and its effect on their lives, and it ends with Peters 1 and 2 telling Peter 3 something that, to me at least, was very satisfying and I was very happy to hear it.

In addition to this, Andrew Garfield was featured with a promotional video urging fans to come back to theaters to witness the show again, with all of its bonus glory.

Some highlights of this rerelease included added lines from my favorite, “Peter 3,” during the final battle sequence on the Statue of Liberty. One of the lines that caused me to gasp and laugh at the same time was probably my favorite new addition, and let’s just say I could certainly see why it was originally removed.

There was also an extra scene with beloved cameo, Daredevil, with Spider-Man and Aunt May’s pal, Happy. That would be something Daredevil fans would absolutely eat up.

The longest new addition was an interview scene with Betty Brant, which had interviews with the science teacher, Roger Harrington, along with Ned (her ex-boyfriend, which provided some laughs), Flash Thompson, and even Peter himself. This was the perfect example of a bonus scene, because it certainly was not needed to bring anything crucial to the movie, but it was for sure a fun added sequence.

To my pleasure, there was a different second post-credit scene than there was originally. I was quite annoyed when the movie premiered and instead of something extra with the characters we spent the last two plus hours watching, it was a trailer for Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. The new post credit scene was a fun addition and featured many characters.

There were not a ton of new scenes and lines, but I think it was super fun to watch and totally worth seeing again. Of course, nothing will compare to opening night with a packed theater and all the genuine fan reactions, but getting to sit back and relax rewatching such a beloved film with some added fun was certainly worth it.