Top 5 Bromances in Video games


Tyler Jorgensen

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, we thought we’d count down our top 5 “bromances” in video games.

5.) Solid Snake and Hal Emmerich ( Otacon) (Metal Gear Solid Franchise)

This Friendship started when Solid Snake saved Hal’s life back in 1 and it has continued long into the end of the franchise. These two have quit their jobs started a new organization and fought to keep metal gears off the black market. The friendship that these two share is closer than any other in the franchise. That is why they are landing at number 5 on this list.

4.) Ezio Auditore da Firenze and Leonardo Da Vinci (Assassins Creed 2)

They say always be nice to the cook because he makes your food. I wonder if that is the same for the person who makes all the cool gadgets that you use throughout the game? Want a new hidden blade that doesn’t require you to cut off your ring finger? There you go. Want to put a gun on your hidden blade? No matter what you want–Da Vinci gets to put it together and helps you on your quest. He is the person who makes your quest of revenge possible with his support and friendship. That is why they are landing at number 4 on this list.

3.) Nathan Drake and Victor Sullivan ( Uncharted: Drakes Fortune)

Sully is the one who taught Drake everything he knows about the trade of treasure hunting. It’s because of this that these two are very close. No matter where Nathan goes you know that Sully will have his back and appear somewhere in the adventure. Sully has appeared in all the games, and in all of them, he is giving advice and support to our adventure on his journey. That is why they are landing at number 3 on this list.

2.) Jak and Daxter ( Jak and Daxter Franchise)

Ever since you got control over Jak, Daxter has been with you the whole way. No matter what force you face–Daxter has your back. In the later games, you got to play as Daxter, and his part became more important as the franchise went on. That is why Jak and Daxter are landing at number 2 on this list.

1.) Marcus Fenix and Dominic Santiago (Gears of War Franchise)

In every single moment of the original Gears of War, Dom has your back. From the moment you leave your cell to the ending credits, he never leaves your side. No matter what you faced or the odds that stared you down–he had your back. Even when he had to get over his wife’s death, he trusted in Marcus and his judgment. This is a “bromance” that will have long lasting impact on the franchise. I can’t imagine Gears of War without him and because of that he will be missed in Gears of War 4. That is why the Gears of War duo is landing at number 1 on this list.

Please let us know in the comments who would be on your top 5 “bromances” in video games.

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