And All The People Say: NFL Week 10 Picks

My song this week was “Wretches and Kings” by Linkin Park. Whie one of my favorite bands, it was more pu;lling straws than anything this time.

Let me start off by thanking those of you who watched our political election night live coverage! It was a monumental achievment for our university’s media department, and we heard we got some very positive reviews from social media for it. Because of the amount of working myself and my colleagues were putting into the night last week, I could not afford the time to upload my picks. But with my assistant editor for my blog, Paul Wintruba, as my witness, I did make my picks (and typed them onto my phone). I went 10-4, good enough for, when combined with my 11-3 week 8 performance, 80-52. That puts me tied for eighth place out of 13 people. My picks may not be all before kickoff, but here they are:

Indianapolis over Jacksonville

New York Giants over Cincinatti

Miami over Tennessee

Detroit over Minnesota

New England over Buffalo

Atlanta over New Orleans

Tampa Bay over San Diego

Denver over Carolina

Baltimore over Oakland

Seattle over New York Jets

Dallas over Philadelphia

San Fransisco over St. Louis

Houston over Chicago

Pittsburgh over Kansas City


Well those are the picks. Now for a day of football, frisbee, brothers, and “The Green Mile”. Pretty good!

God Bless and Happy Sunday!

– Dan