Central time zone electoral votes


Photo credit: Audrey Miller

The electoral votes are in for the winner of each state in the Central time zone. The votes are pouring in and states are being updated with who has won.



Trump is expected to take:

Kentucky- 8

Tennessee- 11

Alabama- 9

Iowa- 6

Missouri- 10

Arkansas- 6

Louisiana- 8

North Dakota- 3

South Dakota- 3

Nebraska- 5

Oklahoma- 7

Texas- 38

Mississippi- 6


Clinton is expected to take:

Wisconsin- 10

Minnesota- 10

Illinois- 20

Kansas- 6


Statistics are still being reported to various news networks. Trump has just taken North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Texas and Wyoming. He has taken a very large advantage in the Mid-West. The tables have turned, Trump has turned Michigan and Louisiana in the Eastern time zone in his favor.

For more information visit the Pennsylvania Department of State and the Allegheny Election Bureau.