CMU Lunar Gala

Ryan Bunker


This Saturday, February 16, 2013, Sentry Media will be attending the highly anticipated CMU Lunar Gala. Lunar gala is a student-run organization at Carnegie Mellon University  devoted to promoting fashion talent and innovation throughout the campus  community. Each February, Lunar Gala produces a fashion show that showcases  students’ work in fashion, dance, and modeling. In addition, the show  brings together the incredible talent of Carnegie Mellon designers,  programmers, artists, and technicians to create what is truly the year’s  most exciting campus event. Lunar Gala shines as the an example of the  innovative and interdisciplinary teamwork that can only come out of  Carnegie Mellon.

This year’s show will feature lines from 18 student designer based lines:

An Expression in White, Quartz, A Minor in Blue, Twofold,Sense & Sensibility, Necromancing, Siroc, Valiant, Advection, L’Appel du Vide, ECT, Punk, Urban, Milk & Tinder, Wanderlust, Cine, Binary, and Proxy.

With over 600 expected guests, this event is shaping up to be quite a spectacle.

Stay tuned for pictures, videos, reviews, and other digital goodies from our coverage of the 2013 CMU Lunar Gala!