Fell for you like a “Titanfall”

Fell for you like a Titanfall

EA Games and Respawn Entertainment released THEIR beta on Valentine ’s Day for their much-anticipated game Titanfall, which is a multiplayer only, FPS (First Person Shooter). The games design is set in the future, is fast paced, and features giant “Titans” that players can control.

When Titanfall was first being advertised early last summer, the designers described the battles to be populated with a large amount of players on a huge scale. I became skeptical when I first heard the game will only have 12 live players at a time and the rest being filled with AI controlled “grunts”. However, the more I played the game, the more I realized why Respawn Entertainment made such a move.

Titanfall features giant player controlled “Titans” that can be called in, or “fall” if you will, at any point during the match. Once deployed, the player can jump into the cockpit and manually pilot their Titan (which results in a unique transition while still in first person view) or have it follow the gamer in autopilot. Only human players have this privilege, so the scaling down of human players and throwing AI in the fray balances the game. Otherwise, online matches would have 20 or more of these monsters on the map at once and it would hinder the experience.

Titanfall is still in beta, so every aspect is still subject to change between now and the official release of the game. However, I will say this game is an interesting and fun game to play. As a pilot, it is possible to scale the map without ever touching the ground. This is made possible with jet packs, wall running, and other “parkour” mechanics Respawn Entertainment has added in.

On the other hand, the slow moving Titans are a blast to control as well. It is the frantic, yet balanced, battle between Titans, wall jumping humans, and AI soldiers that make the experience truly unique from any other FPS I have played.

Titanfall will be released on Xbox 360, Xbox One, and PC on March 11th.