Knox Hill Redemption

Brittany Rowe, Staff Writer

Since moving from Washington, DC to Pittsburgh, PA, and starting his rap career, Knox Hill has been travelling constantly.

He said, “The difference between Pittsburgh and Washington is that, D.C has more interaction while, Pittsburgh is more of a close knit community.”

Knox confessed that “I really enjoy school, I consider myself a rapper, athlete, and a nerd.” Knox majored in International relations, and Economics. When he had more time Knox read books frequently.

Knox believes that “anything done creatively, the more intellectual you become, the more you gain towards your creative process.”

Growing up Knox would always reference other artists such as; Eminem, and Jay-z, he believes that they are “extremely intelligent.”

Before he began his career rapping Knox found himself doing random side jobs, and writing poetry. He said “I would find myself in indescribable freestyle battles.”

In the attempt to promote the name “Knox Hill” and the desire to share his rapping talents with the world Knox went solo on the start up. He said, “Starting everything independently promoting, travelling, and start up costs a lot.”

With the determination to get the process going Knox created a Kick Starter that helped to video fundraise for enormous costs.

Through his music Knox aspires to be a role model to the upcoming youth. Redemption is an album that was “inspired by personal redemption through rough times in my life” said Knox.

Knox currently continues his travels and currently enjoyed studio time in the United Kingdom (Manchester, England). He is a prime example that hard work, and determination can help someone overcome difficult life situations and turn them into positive attitudes for the future.

“The goal of my work is to inspire and help people through obstacles in their lives as well.” – Knox Hill