Ladies and Gentlemen Please: NFL Week 11 Picks

Nothing better than a break from college. Sitting around, goofing off, eating far too much, and working on what I wish is a pretty good way to spend a week! Oh, and tha Thanksgiving holiday. Can’t forget the Thanksgiving holiday!

I’m starting to give the 12 ESPN experts some heat! 10-4 last week ties me for the best Week 10 predictions, moves me to 90-56, tied for seventh with one other person. The key is though that with the exception of two experts already over 100 wins, I’m within 3 picks of the rest of them. Someone else is going down this week!

Miami over Buffalo

Atlanta over Arizona

Dallas over Cleveland

Green Bay over Detroit

Cincinatti (almost picked an upset) over Kansas City

St. Louis over New York Jets

Washington over Philadelphia

Tampa Bay over Carolina

Houston over Jacksonville

New Orleans over Oakland

Denver over San Diego

New England over Indianapolis (almost picked another upset)

Baltimore over Pittsburgh

San Fransisco over Chicago


A lot of potential upsets fo rme to pick this week. So naturally, I picked none of them. Depending on how many games there are scheduled for Thanksgiving and the Saturday following, I may post an earlier picks entry, so that whomever is betting on the game for who gets the big drumstick at dinner has the best information possible to win!


Happy Thanksgiving, Enjoy Football & Family, & God Bless!

– Dan