Ode to Peggle


If you are looking for a fun, stress relieving game, then Peggle is the game for you.

Peggle is a single or multiplayer arcade game that was designed for both PC and game consoles. The game was created by PopCap Games Inc. and was released in February of 2007. The game is a simple point-and-click puzzle game with one objective; clear all the blocks or “pegs” on the map.

In the game, there are obscure characters, flashing bright colors and entertaining background music and scenery. However, the best part of this game has to be when a player finishes the level. When this victory is achieved, the song “Ode to Joy” blares out and a rainbow stretches across the screen to signal a player has beaten the level!

This game has four different game modes.

The first is adventure mode or the campaign of this game. Players will go through all the stages of the game, totaling 55 levels.  Quick play is self-explanatory. After a gamer has unlocked a level in campaign, they can select and play that level at any given time. The purpose of this is to achieve the highest score on the leaderboards and brag to any friends who compete against you.

Speaking of competition, the Duel mode is built exactly for that. Players can challenge one another to see who has a better shot. Combatants will play on the same map and attempt to clear the board while trying to out-score their opponent.

The last game mode is Challenge.  Here players will be given specific challenges on a variety of different levels.  There are 75 different challenges that must be completed. If a player is able to conquer all these challenges and beat the campaign, they can call themselves a true “Peggle Master.”

In the game, there are 10 helpful characters players can unlock in the campaign mode, which will aid them in becoming a “peggle master.” The characters range from a unicorn, to a magical bunny, and even a fire-breathing dragon!

To use their abilities in the game, the player must hit one of four different types of pegs that are on each level.

Additionally, if players aim their shot to land in the bucket at the bottom of the level, they will receive point bonuses and be able to re-shoot the ball down the map.

Controls for this game are as simple. Players use their mouse to aim their shots. Left-clicking the mouse shots the ball and right-clicking speeds up the motion of the map to help line up a shot correctly.

Overall, this game is a fantastic game. There are little to no flaws with this game that I saw.  To make things better, the game only costs $9.99 on Steam!

Let’s face it, money is tight these days and we all would like a nice, cheap, and fun way to release the stress from our daily lives. Peggle is that great investment for anyone; gamer or not!

Score: 9.5 out of 10

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