Marina Fontolan named Robert Morris Ronney Scholar


Marina Fontolan Ph.D. from Unicomp Brazil has been awarded the 2022 Ronney Scholarship, for their research on video game localization. The award was given out Jan. 20 in the Wheatley Attrum.


“I study video game localization, how players get more connected when their language is represented in the game… how this process was developed,” Fontolan said.


Fontolan will be working hand in hand with the university. They will be trying to use all the resources they can from RMU.


“RMU is helping me a lot with… not only cosinding the language the game is in and how to antzle the data we collect,” Fontolan said,

The Rooney International Visiting Scholar Program broadens the global perspective of Robert Morris University by offering international scholars the opportunity to spend a semester in residence on campus. Rooney Scholars can teach a course, deliver presentations and guest lectures, and collaborate with RMU faculty on joint research projects.


The Rooney has been awarded since 2004. Fontolan is one in a long line looking to make a difference in the world with the help of Robert Morris.