Surgeon Simulator 2013: Your Personal Body Butchering Game!


Most people don’t want to hear surgery and butcher in the same sentence, but in this videogame, it is perfectly acceptable.

Surgeon Simulator 2013 is a surgery based PC videogame, created by Bossa Studios and was released in April of 2013. The purpose of this game is to preform different types of surgeries on patients.

The surgeries include heart, kidney and brain transplants. Each of these surgeries must be performed in three different scenarios: a typical surgery room, ambulance and in outer space! If the player is able to finish all these levels, they then have the chance to unlock the hidden “alien surgeries!”

In these surgeries, players will essentially perform the same surgeries; however, there are different organs and different names for the organs, which add to the degree of difficulty.  Not to mention there is zero gravity the entire time. This means one false move and there could be a laser flying around the map, destroying everything in its path!

Speaking of tools, players have choice of using a variety of objects to perform these surgeries. There are tools such as, drills, saws, needles, and a high-powered laser to name a few. Additionally, players could get creative and use a watch, spoon, fire extinguisher, or even a beaker to work on the patient. All of these objects are placed at the player’s fingertips at the start of the level and can be used at any time.

The game is designed to be a single player videogame. However, if gamers want to really have fun with this game, they can have one player control the hand of the doctor and the other gamer control the arm movements. This typically does not end well for the patient, but players will have a laughable experience as they try to work together to save the patient.

Overall, the game is very challenging and can sometimes be irritating. The controls are very sensitive and the hand motions are not always as smooth as the player wants them to be. This typically leads to cutting the wrong organ or dropping and losing a tool, which can be annoying at times.

However, this only occurs when the gamer tries playing the game alone. When playing with a friend, the game becomes a lot more interesting because it turns into the two players butchering the patient as they try to coordinate themselves. I highly recommend playing it with a group of friends as funny comments will be made and many laughs will be shared.

Controls for this game seem simple, but due to the sensitivity of the game they become a challenge in themselves. The keyboard controls the fingers and the mouse controls the arm and the hand. This is good because the keys are lined up with the fingers you would want to use in the game. This means if you want to close your pointer finger, you would hit the key associated with your pointer finger.

Another positive for this game is that players do not need to reattach all the organs and bones they remove to perform the surgery. Once the player drops the new organ in the correct spot, the game ends saying the surgery was a success, even though the patient is still cut wide-open on the table!

Things that could be better about the game would be making the controls more accurate and smooth. This would allow for better movements and less stress for the gamer when they cannot pick something up as their patient is bleeding out on the table.

Additionally, there tends to be glitches where, if the gamer moves the hand too fast, it will become caught on items. This typically occurs when removing the cover sheet and when grabbing an object that is about to fall on the floor.

This game can be found on Steam and only costs $9.99 to download. Additionally, creating a Steam account is free! There is no membership fee. Gamers only pay for the games they buy. So what are you waiting for, buy Surgeon Simulator 2013 and start saving lives!

Score: 7.6 out of 10

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