Talent at RMU


On Friday, Dec. 8, RMU’s own residence life office hosted their fourth annual RMU’s Got Talent. The competitors drew a crowd that packed the Nicholson food court to capacity with their performances of song, dance, and spoken word. Performances were deliberated and scored by a panel of judges including Betty from Romo’s, and Ed, all the way down from the Wheatley center.

As the judges met to deliberate, the crowd continued to be entertained by guest performers John Tucci and Steve from Romo’s. Steve had the audience in stitches with a duck themed joke, before turning things over to John Tucci who got the audience clapping with a three song performance that included “This land is your land” and Alabama’s “Mountain Music”

After deliberations on the five groups, Michael Ludwig and Chris Lockhart were chosen as winners for the vocal performance of their musical selection.