Cheating: My perspective

Cheating is a topic that sparks my attention most recently due to the twitter account “Collegefession” where various males and females are bragging about cheating.

The number of cheating tweets to the popular confession Twitter accounts is alarming. It is very rare to look at these tweets and not see one about cheating.

But even before twitter was a hot topic, let’s start with cheating in general. This might be a controversial topic since most people draw the line at different levels. I have seen over my time that there is the physical cheating which would be having sexual relations with someone other than your significant other or even kissing. There is also an emotional way of cheating. If you are not giving your all to someone emotionally, that is just as bad as not giving your all to someone physically.

While no one is perfect, cheating should never be an excuse. It is simple and clear cut. If you are in a relationship with someone and you no longer feel like you connect emotionally or physically, you break up with them. If you wait, cheat on them, then break up with them- instead of saving them the hurt from just breaking up with them, now you are putting them through a break up and being cheated on.

Let’s face it. No one enjoys the feeling of being cheated on. No one wakes up and says, “My girlfriend cheated on me and I feel good”. If you cheat on someone and expect your significant other to be okay with it, you are highly mistaken.

Another issue I would like to address is that if you think cheating is a secret that only you and the other person will ever know about, you are also completely wrong. Living in a small school environment especially, the person cheated on will always be told by friends or even the other person involved.

Cheating is portrayed in television shows and movies as someone being uninterested in the other person. These cheating scenarios are usually followed by either an inspiring story about how the person being cheated on makes a come-back and finds someone they were actually meant to be with, or the person plots revenge on the cheater. In reality, it ends up with someone being emotionally hurt and sad. The only person who gets hurt in a cheating situation is the person being cheated on.

The most recent trend on Twitter are the accounts called “Sratfession” and “Fratfession” where instead of putting the school the tweet was from, the sorority or fraternity is tagged instead. In no way should cheating on someone ever be tagged with a sense of pride like putting the school you attend or the fraternity or sorority you are in.

My advice to the people who are cheating- stop cheating! It is just that simple. You were obviously meant to be single if you continue to cheat on someone. For those of you who know you are being cheated on- get out of the relationship and move on. You are better off.