Spring Break tips: Stay classy

Ryan Bunker, Staff Writer

With spring break officially here, we now have a week to relax, sleep in, and best of all, a break from
classes. I would be naive to say that partying will not be a prime event of the week, as we,
after all, are crazy college kids. With that being said, however, here are a few tips to stay classy during
your week off

1. First and foremost: Have fun! After 8 weeks of intense classes, a week off has been well earned.
2. Keep it classy. While the majority of us will enjoy a week of sweatpants, tees, and not getting
gussied up- dressing to impress isn’t always a bad thing. After all, you never know who you may
happen to meet. Summer employment or internship opportunities can sneak up on you in any situation.
3. Know your limits. Nobody is especially fond of that one person who gets a little too intoxicated
and acts the part of a fool.
4. Be safe. While we have a week off to ourselves, the decisions that are made can carry serious
ramifications on the rest of our lives.
5. Think first. If you are going to be going to a party where alcohol will be consumed, think before
you act. Getting behind the wheel if you have been drinking, or allowing someone else who
is ‘less buzzed’ is not smart and could result in criminal charges and potentially devastating