Choosing the Right Bag For You

Having the right handbag is essential to any girl. A girl’s bag can say a lot about her. It can also make or break an outfit.

Having many types of bags to choose from may get overwhelming. However, with the right knowledge, anyone can look their best. The first rule women have to know is which style of bag works for them. As mentioned before, there are many styles to choose from. One may want a hobo, or even a clutch. There aren’t many rules for choosing the right handbag. The most prominent one is picking a bag that is right for one’s size. If a girl has a petite figure, she should choose a bag that is not too big for her. This does not mean she should only carry small bags. A medium sized bag works best on someone who is petite because it will give the illusion of a bigger bag. Meanwhile, a curvier individual wearing a bag that is too small doesn’t make an impact on her outfit. They should try a bigger clutch or a larger hobo.

In addition to being able to choose the right size bag, one should know what types of bags she is able to choose from. For instance, Envelope clutches, which look exactly how they are named, are popular this fall. These clutches are great for date nights or even for the day. Women should never be afraid of carrying a clutch during the day. They come in many designs, sizes, and colors, and are a staple accessory to any wardrobe.

Another great bag to have in one’s collection is a hobo. It is usually a large slouchy bag, made from a very soft material. This bag is perfect for on the go moments and everyday use. It is a great accessory to add a bohemian feel to one’s outfit.

For the ones who prefer a more structured bag, a satchel is a good choice. a satchel, normally made with leather, but also with many other materials, usually has a long strap and can be carried on the shoulder.  Totes are also another type of bags that people tend to have. Totes are not just the cotton ones used to carry books in anymore. Totes have become very chic and fashionable over the past few years. There are countless designs women can choose from. These bags are also great for everyday use because they are often light weight and hold all of the daily necessities.

The last bag that can make a difference in ones closet is a backpack. Backpacks, like the other bags, come in many style and sizes. One does not have to be a young kid to wear a backpack. Many top designers such a Chanel, Marc Jacobs and even Miu Miu make backpacks for adult women/men. Backpacks are obviously great for people in school but wear a chic backpack for a night out. It will add playfulness to any outfit.

Women must know how to care for their bags. If one buys an expensive designer bag, one should make sure to always keep it in the dust bag that should have come with it. A good leather bag is an investment so it’s a good idea to really love it. If any damages happen to the bag, a well-respected dry cleaner could possibly fix any problem with it. A last note is that people always to have fun with fashion and to stay true to themselves.