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DC Rebirth: Favorite Stories


DC Rebirth has settled in and many new books featuring everyone’s favorite DC characters have been released over the summer. Many of those books are just wrapping up their first story lines and starting brand new ones. It might be difficult to decide where to start, and to know what stories are worth reading, so here are some DC: Rebirth stories that deserve honorable mentions.

#5. Green Arrow: The Death And Life Of Oliver Queen

Green Arrow cover

Green Arrow is back. Not the awful, abdominal muscle obsessed, grumpy Batman knock-off from CW’s show “Arrow,” but this is the proper Green Arrow. He has a goatee, sarcastic demeanor and liberal politics, and it’s like he never went away.

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The Death and Life Of Oliver Queen brings back everything that originally made Green Arrow an interesting and awesome character, but this story isn’t all about nostalgia. A new threat called the Ninth Circle emerges in Seattle. Oliver Queen is pushed to his limits to stop their sinister dealings and must face heartbreaking betrayal and unimaginable hardships to triumph over this new threat.

If that isn’t enough one of the greatest comic book romances is revived in this series. Green Arrow and Black Canary are officially back together and boy do the sparks fly. The chemistry between these characters is natural and entrancing and you can’t help but feel the love.

This is how a story featuring the emerald archer should be handled. It was beautifully simplistic and full of mystery, intrigue, romance and action. This is a story that deserves major praise.

#4.Green Lanterns: Red Planet

Green Lantern Cover

Imagine “Lethal Weapon” but with superheroes. The newest additions to the Green Lantern corps, Simon Baz and Jessica Cruz, are partnered together to be the Green Lanterns of Earth, but the two heroes are complete opposites. Simon is a loose cannon who shoots first and ask questions never. Jessica is a nervous, timid shut-in who would rather hide from the world than guard it. Green Lantern legend Hal Jordan assigns them together, so the two can learn to be better lanterns from each other. Of course, things get crazy when the evil Red Lantern corps turns its sights to Earth. Hal is off dealing with trouble in space, so Jessica and Simon must put their differences aside to save earth from the rage of the Red Lanterns.

This buddy-cop superhero story is a standout entry because of its interesting partner dynamic. Jessica and Simon’s personalities clash while creating compelling character moments for the two space cops. The Red Lanterns prove to be interesting and formidable antagonists for the story–pushing our heroes to their absolute limit emotionally and physically.

#3 Detective Comics: Rise of the Batmen

Detective Comics Cover

Detective Comics has been a knock-out series for DC Rebirth. They feature an extremely diverse team led by the fierce and amazing Kate Kane A.K.A. Batwoman. An army is rising in Gotham: a well trained and well armed army of batmen. Their targets: all of Gotham’s heroes. Batman forms a team to combat the army and puts Batwoman in charge. The team consists of Tim Drake, genius and veteran Red Robin; Cassandra Cain, the mute but brutal vigilante known as Orphan; Stephanie Brown, the spunky and skilled hero Spoiler; and Basil Karlo, better known as the classic Batman villain Clayface.

Now the book may be a team book, but the focus is undoubtedly on Batwoman. But that’s not necessarily a negative thing. Kate Kane is a three dimensional character, and it is really awesome to see Kate carry the weight and responsibility of being team leader. Now don’t worry, the rest of the team gets plenty of time to shine and each member gets an opportunity to do something and be useful.

The villain also deserves major praise. For spoiler reasons, the villain’s identity will not be revealed in this article. Just know the villain is a shocking surprise to the team and the reader. They are compelling, complex, and completely sympathetic: all the makings of an excellent villain. There’s nothing to hate, and so much to love about Detective Comic’s Rise of the Batmen.

#2 Batman: I Am Gotham


One of the biggest worries about DC Rebirth was who could possibly follow up talented comic book writer Scott Snyder’s legendary run on Batman. Thankfully Tom King has proven to be a worthy successor to Snyder. His first story,I am Gotham,features the Dark Knight meeting two new heroes calling themselves Gotham and Gotham Girl. The two heroes use Superman-like abilities to assist the Dark Knight with protecting Gotham City.

The story has an amazing use of symbolism for many aspects of Batman lore. It explores the meaning behind Batman, Gotham City and the masks heroes use. Gotham and Gotham Girl prove to be competent companions to Batman. Their naivete to Batman’s methods provide many comedic scenes as well as scenes where the characters learn and grow as protectors of the city.

Great themes are also rampant throughout the story. Themes like: being brave and facing your fear, how one person can make a difference no matter how small they are and being the best you can possibly be.I Am Gotham” is a heartfelt and well-written story which will leave readers wanting more.

#1 Action Comics: Path of Doom

Action Comics Cover

The crown jewel in DC’s rebirth crown is Action Comics’ “Path of Doom” story line. In the wake of New 52 Superman’s death, new and old heroes step out of the shadows to battle an old enemy that not even two supermen can handle easily.

Action comics follows the exploits of the the classic Pre-Flashpoint Superman. This Superman is the classic Man of Steel that DC fans have been yearning to see return to panel. The book does an excellent job of providing a satisfying and well-written story for both veteran readers and new ones.

The highlight is the dynamic between this Superman and his wife and son. How do the choices he makes as a hero effect their lives, and whether or not Superman can protect them from the threats that push him to his limits.

Lex Luthor also gets a great character change with him wanting to be Metropolis’ protector and taking on the mantle of Superman himself in a brand-new and beautifully drawn costume. “Path of Doom” is an exciting and wonderfully drawn and written story that can be appreciated by comic fans or by anyone who just loves a great story.

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