English Department To Hold Another Creepy Conference

Sybile Cherenfant, Features Editor

The English Department of RMU will host its fourth annual Creepy Conference on Oct. 25.

This conference brings students and several faculty members together to present on gothic related topics.

Topics vary from interpretations of vampire related movies to analysises of supernatural ideas.

“[You can submit on anything] as long as you’re teaching something about [the] creepy topic,” stated Sylvia Pamboukian, an associate professor of English Studies and Communications Skills.

Pamboukian, who will be the facilitator for the event this year, added that last year’s winner’s topic was on superstitions of the O’ Brian women of Ireland.

The conference is not limited to English Studies students only.

“It’s open to anyone,” said Pamboukian. “We get a good mix.”

In addition, students are allowed to present their topic through methods other than a paper.

“We accept lots of different forms of [presentations],” stated Pamboukian.

Students can present through photography, short films, or others.

Pamboukian explained that faculty member Barbara Burgess-Lefebvre did a demonstration on how to create a zombie make-up.

The judges at the event usually choose the three best among the presentations. The winners usually receive Barnes and Nobles gift cards.