MLB The Show 23 Game Review


Photo Credit: Major League Baseball

Samuel Goldberg, Contributor

As we begin a new baseball season, there comes a new game every year to match it. We now have seen MLB The Show ’23 for about a week or so now. The most popular modes are back such as diamond dynasty and road to the show.

The game so far plays really smoothly and the hitting mechanics of the game have drastically improved. They have gotten better with a new bat PCI so that players can get an actual feel for how their hits are traveling. Also, the new hitting mechanics now have a real time effect, so there are no pre-determined hits anymore compared to last year. There are also less perfect outs than last year.

The game so far has seen tremendous reviews and fan bases really look like they are enjoying the product. There are so many more unlockables and so much more gets to get your hands on for “Diamond Dynasty.”

I do feel like the “Road to the Show” game mode seems to lacking more details. There use to be a storyline to getting drafted, but this year it is just go in and play games with your character. I think they could have done a better job with that game mode.

However, one aspect of the game they brought in this year and is a huge success is the “Negro Leagues” game mode and story. The whole basis of the mode is you learn the history of the Negro Leagues and the players that played in the league. It has a unique way to tell a story. You are able to learn the history while also playing out some cool moments from back in the day.

You can earn in game rewards and collect some cool cards to use for your “Diamond Dynasty” team. They did this game mode so well, from learning history and collecting cards that you can use for your team.

Also for “Diamond Dynasty” players, they have a new offline grinding game mode called “Mini Seasons.” You can play 28 games against the CPU and grind to win the trophy while earning great rewards for your team. This is a brand new game mode that is offered this year.

Overall, the game launch is a huge success. San Diego Studios is listening to their player community and have many updates to the game based on what the community is saying. The game is a great success and has reeled players back in on the game.