Fire Emblem Fates: Revelation


Tyler Jorgensen

Fire Emblem Fates: Revelation is one part of a larger story that covers all three games. The other two games are Birthright, and Conquest. Conquest and Birthright have physical copies as well as digital copies. Revelation is the only game of the three that is only sold through the Nintendo Eshop. The story of Revelation follows you in siding against both Nohr or Hoshido. You try to bring an end to the war by fighting the people who are pulling the strings. There are some parts of the larger story that you will miss if you only play this version of the game. This is the version of the game that will answer the most questions and show you more of the story than the other two.

Fire Emblem Fates: Revelation is a strategy game that has you picking and choosing who is going to fight what or who is going to retreat. Fire emblem is known for a feature where defeated units are forever unavailable in the next chapter. You can still choose this difficulty (known as Classic), but Fates has made it so that you can play on a lower difficulty where defeated units will return in the next battle. Revelation is just like Birthright in that it allows for you to level grind your characters and grind for gold. Conquest is the only fates game that doesn’t have level grinding. They did this to make conquest feel more like the original games in the series. That is why if you have never played a Fire Emblem game before I recommend you play Revelation or Birthright first instead of playing Conquest.

Revelation follows its predecessor Fire Emblem: Awakening in allowing you to create your own character. This character can be male or female and you can decide how they look and sound. Also, like Awakening, you can get married and have kids and build relationships. Depending who the parents are for the kids can determine what stats they have and what skills they can learn. These units can only be unlocked when their parents get married.

All in all Fire Emblem Fates: Revelation is a must play for anybody who owns a 3DS. The game has an engaging story with fun gameplay and you never know where it’s going to go next. That is why I am giving this game a 9.8/ 10. I am looking forward to completing the story of Fates in Revelation and Birthright.

Pros: you get a large cast of cool characters, You can have kids and get married, You can alter the map, you get a huge chunk of the story.

Cons: You still only get half of the story, you need to buy the other two games to get a better idea of what’s going on in the game and who some of the characters are.