Relationships 101

“The only way a relationship will work is if you see your relationship as a place to give, and not as a place to take. If you don’t see it as a place to give, you’re only hurting yourself in the long run…”

To break this quote down, what exactly does it mean to “give” in a relationship? Well, when you are in a relationship you should be in it not only because that person makes you happy, but because you know you bring happiness into that person’s life as well. You should also love, care and trust the person you’re in a relationship with. Because you feel this way, you want to give them the world, not take it from them.

Unfortunately, people get into relationships for the wrong reasons like money, popularity, clothes and other materialistic things that will never bring pure happiness into any relationship. This is a very bad way to start a relationship because not only are you hurting that person, you’re hurting yourself. You won’t realize it until later on in life, but once that person gets over you, you become a lesson learned and they move on with their lives. All while you’re left to pay the price due to karma. It won’t be so fun when the script is flipped and someone breaks your heart because they only want to be with you for what you have!

Next time you’re in a relationship be sure it’s for the right reasons. Make sure you actually want to be with that person because you like them, not for what they have. You just never know, if you’re in it for the right reasons, it may turn out to be truly everlasting!