Pet of the Week: Alexie


Alexie is a happy girl, who can always be seen doing bunny binks – happy jumps and dancing around! While she is often overlooked for her seemingly non-characteristic black coat, Alexie is an absolutely lovely bunny who enjoys interacting with both people and other buns.

Alexie is one of our biggest fans when it comes to our almost weekly bun runs. Though a little timid with people at first, Alexie warms up quickly and then will accept petting from anyone with a hand or two to give her a little scratch behind the ears!

One of Alexie’s favorite treats is mint, which makes her area smell so fresh and clean – an added bonus! Alexie is softly confident with the other bunnies, getting a little territorial once she has decided that a certain tunnel is hers, but nothing too bossy or aggressive. She could easily live in a home with other bunnies, or be content to romp around on her own!

Alexie has a big heart and is ready to open it up to a bunny lover who can reciprocate her love and affections. Could you be the one she is waiting for?