NFL Picks: Week 2

First weeks are notoriously brutal on both my record of predictions & that of the experts I attempt to defeat each week. But, compared to last year’s debacle, in which I missed several games by substantial margins, this week I posted a winning record, going 9-7. Despite how good I consider my record to be, it was only good enough to tie me with three ESPN experts for second-to-last out of the fourteen of us. Will this week be better? I am less than hopeful, as there was only one game I felt confident in using for my survivor pool. So, here are my Week 2 NFL picks.


New England over New York Jets

This would be the game I felt confident enough to use in my survivor pool, and by the end of the game the Jets had kept it close enough to scare away a couple years of my life. But thankfully the Patriots held on, meaning that I won’t go 0-16 this week.


Atlanta over St. Louis

I almost picked St. Louis, but last week my hunch picks were only 1-1, and I don’t like those odds. So I went with the safe pick, but this game could go either way quite easily.


Carolina over Buffalo

Buffalo had a solid showing against New England, but Carolina also played a much bigger force in its game vs. Seattle. I just hate the chances of a team that has a bad run defense and is missing its top corner (and likely its safety) as well. Sorry, Buffalo.


Chicago over Minnesota

After last week, these teams each convinced me of one thing. Chicago convinced me that their defense is back again for another great season. Minnesota convinced me that they aren’t going to be as good as they were last year. Minnesota’s offense needs more than AP to top Chicago, and I don’t think Greg Jennings and Cordarrelle Patterson will make much of a dent in a talented Bears’ secondary.


Green Bay over Washington

A closer game than one may think, Washington just won’t have the experience to beat a former Super Bowl champion in a close fourth quarter situation. Keep an eye on how well Washington’s young secondary covers Green Bay’s bevy of receivers. This will be a cursor for future games as to how well the rookies can keep Washington in big games.


Indianapolis over Miami

I didn’t even strongly consider this game once that I saw Miami’s two rookie corners were out. Andrew Luck may only be a sophomore in the league, but he can pick apart weaknesses, and that is exactly what he’ll do to Miami.


Kansas City over Dallas

Dallas proved nothing last week other than that they can compete in shootouts. Their defense stopped a running back with little to no NFL starting experience, and allowed opposing receivers to run all over them. Kansas City has an improved defense, and while they only played Jacksonville, they shut them down completely. I see Kansas City’s defense holding up its end of the bargain, and Dallas’ falling apart.


Philadelphia over San Diego

When I needed fifty points to win my fantasy league last week, I had but Alfred Morris, DeSean Jackson, and Alfred Morris left to play. They mocked me for trusting the Philly’s new fast-paced scheme. And when I won my league by four Monday night, they apologized. Point is, Philly is now a force. How sustainable that force is though remains to be seen. I think they will sustain it through week two.


Baltimore over Cleveland

Another closer than it should be game, Baltimore wins because while both teams are similar in design, Cleveland has a much bigger edge in the ability to lose games (INT’s, fumbles, drops, etc.).


Houston over Tennessee

Houston is at home, has a good pass attack, and is playing a team with little semblance of a secondary. This one is only close is Tennessee can pound in a score or two.


Detroit over Arizona

Another game of similar teams, both sport pass-based attacks with weak secondaries. The edge? Detroit has a pass rush that will harass Carson Palmer incessantly, but Matthew Stafford will remain upright much more often.


Tampa Bay over New Orleans

My first true upset pick of the season comes here. New Orleans seemingly has their entire starting defense on the injury report, meaning they will be slower compared to last week. Tampa has a quality defense, and new additions Dashon Goldson & Darrelle Revis will do their part to slow down New Orleans’ offense. I just see the pieces lining up for a divisional upset.


Oakland over Jacksonville

This game will make NFL fans cry themselves to sleep at night. It is likely this game is also the only reason one of these teams finishes the year with a win. Oakland almost has my pick based on homefield advantage, but I also believe Jacksonville is a slight bit more dysfunctional. But this game could honestly go any way whatsoever.


Denver over New York Giants

Manning Bowl part whatever. Eli may have more rings, but Peyton always seems to win these games, or come ridiculously close to. I see Peyton and his more talented team winning this one.


San Francisco over Seattle

The way I picked this game? I looked at last week. Seattle put up twelve against a below average squad in Carolina. San Fran put up 34 on Green Bay. If Seattle’s offense is that shaky, Coin Kaepernick will find a way to win.


Cincinnati over Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh looked downright sad last week against Tennessee. In primetime, they may look worse playing an away game against a better team than the Titans. Cincy knows they can have Pittsburgh’s number, and I like their odds way more than I like Pittsburgh’s.


Week 1 is over, and our assumptions are already flying. Most wont be right, but it is always fun to run with it for awhile. Here’s to a happy week for you and your families, and some good football action!

God Bless!

– Dan