NFL Picks, Week 3 Edition

A quicker edition than most of my weekly picks, but an informational one none the less. My record is now at 19-13, or in other words, good enough to be at least one game behind every ESPN expert. I do not recall ever being dead last, and I don’t enjoy the feeling, so this week should be a solid 13-3 or better!

Kansas City over Philadelphia

Cincinnati over Green Bay

St. Louis over Dallas

Tennessee over San Diego

Minnesota over Cleveland

New England over Tampa Bay

New Orleans over Arizona

Detroit over Washington

New York Giants over Carolina

Houston over Baltimore

Atlanta over Miami

Buffalo over New York Jets

San Francisco over Indianapolis

Seattle over Jacksonville

Chicago over Pittsburgh

Denver over Oakland

A happy Sunday to all of your families, and I hope your weather is as fitting as the crisp fall day we at RMU are experiencing! Nothing gets you in the mood for football more!

God Bless!

– Dan