This Year’s Scavy Cup Winner Is…

Audrey Gardner, Staff Reporter

Five teams, one city, 20 locations, and three hours set the stage for the RMU ACHA DI men’s hockey annual team scavenger hunt. Despite the overcast weather Saturday morning, the 31 Colonials took to the streets of downtown Pittsburgh with the hopes of becoming this year’s Scavy Cup champions.

The groups started at The Island Sport Center about 10 a.m. where head Coach Mike Joseph assigned teams, rules and handed out a list of the locations the teams were supposed to stop at.

Teams were made up of five or six guys, ranging in position and year. Some teams did have more of an advantage than others. Since many of the locations do not change from year to year, by having a team member who is more familiar to the Pittsburgh area or even both, some teams had an upper hand during the time frame.

“We started in the theater parking garage and then we just went over to PNC Park and we just kind of worked our way across the city and then kind of came back. I don’t know, we didn’t really have too much of a plan we had someone local help us out and map it out a little bit better. But we didn’t come in with a distinctive plan.”

The 20 locations took the groups across downtown and they were asked to take snapshots at PNC Park, Market Square, Consol Energy Center, PPG Plaza, Wholey’s Fish Market, and the Point.

“Consol’s always fun, PNC Park is fun. One location that I never hit before was the Court House,” senior Andrew Lister said. “The clue was “cat out of jail” or something like that; so it was neat to get something like that.”

Other photos involved pictures with people in different sporting gear, public safety personal and a taxi driver. Although, teams opted not to use the taxi service for transportation they stuck to pounding the pavement or taking the T, which was required for a photo.

After the photos were taken they were sent to Joseph and were saved for review later. At the end an afternoon of fun, sightseeing and a short lesson in Pittsburghese for some, the groups returned to the Island for pizza and the final results.

Joseph, alongside Ryan Gayso, Cam Zappi and James Joyce put the photos on display for the entire group to see. Photos only counted if all members were included and if all had their jerseys on.

One of the more creative pictures came from team #HHH, made up of Sean Scannell, Joakim Axen, J.J. Bond, Ben Kelkis, and Jordan Gayso. The group took a snapshot at PPG Place with a man dressed in karate apparel.

“He was just standing there and when we were walking up,” said Bond. “We just saw this karate guy there and asked if we could take a picture with him, so we all just got in a stance and took a picture.”

Staff and player acted as judges and decided which photos were acceptable and which were disqualified. For the missing photos present with each group each group member was required to that number of push-ups.

Once all photos were viewed the winner became apparent. Wrapping up the event with a total of 16 or 20 photos Team Deep came in first place. Team Deep was made up of Lister, Homitz, Matt Haney, Justin Rehrer, and new comers Alex Rowland and Raymond Rose. All members of Team Deep were first time Scavy Cup winners

Although, the Scavy Cup is a pretty nice prize for any for any of the teams, the group walked away with a prize much more valuable.

“I think we just all bonded together more. We got to learn more about the freshman that were in our group, Gayso and Kelkis,” Bond.