Real Steel Movie Review

From Director Shawn Levy, comes Real Steel, a movie that will pull you in and hold your attention.

Real Steel, starring Hugh Jackman as Charlie Kenton, is about a dislocated relationship between a father and a son. The plot unfolds as the two become reacquainted after the death of Kenton’s ex. The death brings Kenton’s son, played by Dakota Goyo, back into his life after years of regret from his past. He is contacted and agrees to take Max from his aunt and uncle for the summer, under the premise that he will get $50,000 now and $50,000 later.

The story is set in the near future and revolves around the new sport of choice, robot boxing. Kenton spent much of his life as a boxer/fighter himself, and he recently discovers this new sport for himself. Although predictable, Real Steel is a heartwarming story about the restoration of a broken relationship between father and son.  They relate through the bot boxing, as 9-year-old Max discovers a primitive bot and realizes it has a unique shadowing feature that allows the robot to mimic Charlie’s movement.

Real Steel is an escape and venture into the near future, 2020. Max is youthful and believes in the dream Charlie has been chasing.  At first, Charlie’s stubbornness and lack of faith in Max prevents him from entering the bot, Atom, in any competitions.

Max persists, and Charlie finally agrees, reluctantly. Sure of failure, Atom fights at an underground area called, The Zoo. Much to Charlie’s surprise, Atom survives and goes on to win many more. Then, Atom is challenged in the “Big Leagues,” and pretty soon, he appears to be untouchable.

Since Charlie did not have the best past, one of his friend’s in the business said, “I’m
sorry Charlie, you’re a bad bet.”

Leaving the league fight after victory, Charlie and Max get mugged from a prior debtor. At this point, Charlie does not want to subject Max to anymore pain so he takes Max back to his Aunt’s house. Max doesn’t want to go. Charlie asks, “What do you want me to do, Max?” Max replies, “I just want you to fight for me. That’s all I ever wanted.”

Charlie, then, realizes what this means he has to do for Max― reunite for one last fight against the undefeated bot in league boxing, Zeus. He has shadowing features
just like Atom.  He is a powerhouse, and he has the best features any bot in the game has to offer― a sure match for Atom.

When it all comes down to it, Atom― and ultimately Charlie― has to fight Zeus in the area till the end. Charlie has become Max’s hero as a father and boxer.  He becomes a role model and someone Max looks up to and respects.