Brooklyn Nine-Nine comes to an end


(Credit: NBC)

The NBC cop comedy “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” concluded its eight season run on Sept. 16 with a one hour special entitled “The Last Day.”

The show was originally cancelled by Fox Network in 2018. The cancelation was met with public outcry on social media and the support of many high profile celebrities, including Lin Manuel Miranda who later guest-starred on the show. This garnered the attention of a new network (NBC) that picked up the show in less than thirty-six hours, making TV history. Now, three years later, the show is ending, though this time on its own terms.

Throughout the final season, writers brought back a myriad of fan-favorite characters, storylines and jokes. They had a proper send-off for “The Pontiac Bandit,” a.k.a. Jake’s friend/nemesis Doug Judy, introduced the audience to all of the Boyle cousins, showed the return of Captain Holt’s sassy secretary Gina Linetti and even brought back the tradition of a heist episode. The audience also got to see Jake and Amy as working parents, tackling the struggle of balancing work and childcare of their newborn baby, Mac.

The new season also revealed that Rosa Diaz decided to leave the Nine-Nine as a way to fight against police brutality. Diaz is shown to be working as a private investigator, although she continues to help the squad when they need it. Following Rosa’s decision, multiple members of the Nine-Nine also grappled with the decision to leave the squad and pursue other careers.

The series draws to a close with Jake Peralta deciding that he is quitting his job as a detective in order to better care for his infant son. Peralta does this while his wife, Amy Santiago, takes on a new job assisting her former captain, Raymond Holt, as he takes the job of a police chief.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s “The Last Day” opens with Jake informing Amy that this is his last day at the precinct and that he wants his last day to be a heist, a precinct tradition that has occurred every season. He enlists Amy’s help in order to win this competition and swap out the original prize with a sentimental gift for each member of the Nine-Nine. In his words, he wants, “the perfect goodbye.”

The heist commences with sergeant Terry Jeffords announcing that he will not be participating in the heist and Holt and Jake pairing the rest of the squad into teams. Over the course of the episode, teams are switched, people are betrayed by their teammates and prizes are swapped. The heist takes different members of the Nine-Nine to various locations that held significance in the series, eventually ending at the storage facility where they completed their first case with Holt as their captain. Each character then reveals that they had their own plan for a “perfect goodbye.” Amy wanted to end at Shaw’s (their hangout spot), Jake wanted to end at the Brooklyn Bridge (where their title sequence was filmed) and Holt wanted to end at the storage facility. Holt then reveals to Terry that he will be taking his place as police captain, and they head back to the precinct. When they get back, the squad shares some sentimental words and even toast to the Nine-Nine.

The show finally cuts to events happening approximately a year later. Halloween rolls around and the original members of the Nine-Nine tell newly-minted police captain, Terry, about their plans for this year’s heist.

The final episode gave fans a hopeful and sweet send-off to the beloved series. With so many callbacks to past episodes and guest appearances from some of the show’s fan-favorite characters (Gina Linetti and Adrian Pimento are given storylines, among other recurring characters) really helped to give them each the send-off they deserved. The show was also able to reference many running gags as well, including a debate between Charles and Jake on how to pronounce Charles’ son’s name, Nikolaj. The final episode did a fantastic job of giving the show the same familiar feel and giving it a proper, sentimental send-off while still maintaining the sitcom-style humor that the show is known for.