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Why ‘The Batman’ was not as genius as fans like to believe

Julia Wasielewski, Contributor March 28, 2022

(Another) Disclaimer: This piece is not intended to insult or offend anyone who was involved with the making of this film; this is solely my opinion and I will admit that I am not the demographic that...

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Colonial Theatre Lit Up the Stage with Their Production of Young Frankenstein.

Julia Wasielewski, Contributor March 4, 2022

The all-student production, "Young Frankenstein," opened last Thursday to a packed house and the cast brought the stage to life with their choreography, harmonies and most importantly, their passion for...

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Why “How I Met Your Mother” is the best sitcom

Julia Wasielewski, Contributor February 18, 2022

With all the buzz surrounding "How I Met Your Father’s" release on Hulu, I figured that I needed to pay homage to the legacy that the original show left behind. "How I Met Your Mother" was ridiculously...

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Will “How I Met Your Father” live up to the legacy that “How I Met Your Mother” left behind?

Julia Wasielewski, Contributor February 9, 2022

"How I Met Your Mother" is arguably one of the best sitcoms ever. The show frequently rivaled "Friends" and "The Office" for the title and ran for a resounding nine seasons before ending on its own terms. It...

Survivor Season 37 Logo (Credit: Survivor CBS)

Why Christian should have won season 37 of Survivor

Julia Wasielewski, Contributor January 28, 2022

Survivor has been a television staple for many years since its premiere in 2000, but the show has recently found a new home on streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime. While Hulu and...

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Most Underrated Sitcoms of All Time

Julia Wasielewski, Contributor January 21, 2022

Many people find comfort in their favorite sitcoms. From “The Office'' to “Parks and Rec” to “Friends,” almost everyone has a favorite sitcom that they can relax and calm down while watching....

PMD Winter Beach Party 2021

Students soaked up the sun at the Winter Beach Party

Julia Wasielewski, Contributor December 18, 2021

Phi Mu Delta fraternity hosted its third annual winter beach party on Dec. 10 to raise money for their philanthropy St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. Vice President of Membership Jonathan Guaetta...

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Dear Evan Hansen movie premieres in theaters

Julia Wasielewski, Contributor October 5, 2021

(Spoilers ahead) The hit Broadway musical "Dear Evan Hansen" has been made into a movie that premiered on Sept. 24. To keep the magic from the original Broadway production, Broadway star Ben...

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Brooklyn Nine-Nine comes to an end

Julia Wasielewski, Contributor September 28, 2021

The NBC cop comedy "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" concluded its eight season run on Sept. 16 with a one hour special entitled “The Last Day.” The show was originally cancelled by Fox Network in 2018. The...

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The RMU Theater program has their students buzzing with electricity for the fall musical Xanadu

Julia Wasielewski, Contributor August 31, 2021

MOON TOWNSHIP -- RMU Colonial Theatre students are preparing for their first production since February 2020. Dr. John Locke, Director of Student Involvement and Theatrical Productions, met with both...

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