Colonial Theatre Lit Up the Stage with Their Production of Young Frankenstein.


Photo Credit: Bailey Noel

The all-student production, “Young Frankenstein,” opened last Thursday to a packed house and the cast brought the stage to life with their choreography, harmonies and most importantly, their passion for theatre.

“Young Frankenstein” follows Dr. Fredrick Frankenstein (Trey Reichenfeld) as he travels back to his hometown of Transylvania after his grandfather’s death. There he finds his grandfather’s old experiments and with the help of some friends he makes along the way, he works to bring the dead back to life in the way his grandfather previously attempted.

Eventually, he succeeds in making a monster (Jordan Sass) and attempts to change the community’s view of the monster.

The show was hilarious. With so many twists and turns, the audience could never tell exactly what would happen next.

“Young Frankenstein” had such an incredible cast that could bounce off of each other perfectly. From their hilarious comedic timing to the camaraderie that they all shared off stage, it was a joy to watch the cast perform together on stage.

Although the show was a comedy, it was clear how much sentiment each of the actors held for their roles and how passionate they were about theatre.

The show also kept the audience entertained by creating some interactive elements. The monster made his way through the audience throughout intermission, providing some friendly waves and confused stares at bystanders as they waited for Act Two to begin.

The interactions throughout the show and intermission were such a nice touch to what was already an impressive show and made for an unforgettable experience for anyone watching.

Although the cast was incredible when they took the stage, a show of this caliber would not have been possible without a wonderful crew and outstanding leadership behind the scenes.

Thanks to director Quinn Shannon, music director Dr. Brent Alexander, choreographer Lisa Elliot and the rest of the crew, the audience was able to share in the cast and crew’s hard work and laugh right along with them.

Overall, Colonial Theatre’s “Young Frankenstein” captured the hearts of the audience.