A little bit of Country


Matt Gray, A&E Contributor

One of the most interesting group of singers I’ve ever heard is the country accapella group Home Free. You may think, “Country! Eww, I hate country music!” but you don’t have to love country to listen to this group, which has a unique, fun vibe that can appeal to everyone.

Like Pentatonix they are also former Sing-off winners. They are comprised of Austin Brown (Lead / Tenor), Rob Lundquist (High Tenor), Chris Rupp (Baritone), Adam Rupp (Vocal Percussion / Baritone), and last but certainly not least, Tim Foust (Bass).

Tim Foust is often compared to Avi Kaplan (Pentatonix Bass). Both were established Basses before joining their groups, Avi being classically trained, has better technique but Tim beats him with raw power. As far as range goes, Tim has a range of Bb0 – C5, while Avi has a range of Eb1 – C#5.

Luckily though, you don’t have to choose, and can love both equally. Home Free actually featured Avi on their cover of “Ring of Fire” by Jonny Cash, and it is absolute fire.

There is no real rivalry outside of their fan base. Most recently Home Free has released two songs, “Elvira (Feat. Oak Ridge Boys)” and “Fishin’ in the Dark / Down in the Boondocks” which both feature amazingly catchy arrangements and earth shaking bass, more so in the latter one where Tim hits that B0 I mentioned.

You can get both of those tracks in Itunes when you preorder their new album Country Evolution, which drops September 18th.

A full review of which will be uploaded shortly after.