Music lyrics gone wrong

It is intriguing to hear the lyrics artists have come up with and the courage they have to express their feelings through their music. Some of the lyrics in modern day music are shocking to many, but people are adapting to the typical provocative lyrics that are accepted in music today.

There are various artists especially within the rap and R&B genres that have very interesting, but sometimes-outrageous lyrics. Artists such as: Trey Songs, Plies, Lil Wayne and more show emotion through lyrics that are sometimes offensive but mainly enjoyed by listeners.

“I love rap music, I always have and I relate to the music majority of the time,” said Larissa Houk, a 20 year-old Pittsburgh resident. “When I hear a rap song I can’t help but rap along with it. It is hilarious to see my mother’s reaction to that type of music since she is adapted to her generation’s music.”

These artists show incredible talent, it takes such creativity and expertise to be able to move such a large number of people all around the world. Typically, artists are found in these genres (males and females) expressing events that have occurred in their lives. These events are not always good, but listeners can relate to similar situations.

“Everyone has their type of music they like to listen to, mine is rap. When I have a bad day, I am sad, I am ready to party, and I have to listen to music to get through whatever situations or obstacles come my way,” said Houk. “The problem is sometimes lyrics and certain songs remind me of bad situations, and others remind me of good ones.”

There are so many new songs coming out every single day all over the world. It is encouraging to know that the lyrics in artist’s music effect people’s lives around the world. There are negative connotations attached to rap music and certain other genres. Nevertheless, people are attached to the music and it assists them throughout different life situations.

It is interesting to take a look into the difference in generations of music and how it has changed significantly. Lyrics are so different and have such different meanings. Take the 80’s for example; in 1984 the song Friends came out by Whodini. This song is in the rap genre but it is not as intense as something you would hear today. The lyrics are much less provocative than today’s lyrics, although the message still relates to people’s lives in a catchy way. The tone in the lyrics of the song Friends (80‘s) is less intense than say Swimming Pools by Kendrick Lamar (2012).

The morals and expectations in society have changed immensely and continue to do so. This forces people to relate to, and accept what new music has to offer even if the lyrics are sometimes provocative or inappropriate.

Music has evolved so much over time and the lyrics artists come up with in today’s society are sometimes very shocking to listeners. Although some people find it unacceptable, it finds a connection with many people in today’s society regardless of the lyric style.

The evolution of music and possibility for successful lyricists is encouraging, considering there is talent growing all over the world. The music industry just keeps getting better. The more artists that observe and learn, the better their lyrics and music will be among all genres.