One-of-a-kind performance by Nadav Amir-Himmel

Leah Moose and Peyton Burns, Lifestyles Editor and Contributor

Robert Morris University was treated with a unique musical composition by award-winning composer and pianist, Nadav Amir-Himmel, when he visited the area. Amir-Himmel gave a never-been-heard composition he wrote specifically for the evening’s concert.

Amir-Himmel said the key to finishing his compositions has always been an approaching deadline- a sentiment that is commonly felt by the working force and students alike.

“My best experience for writing music is the deadline. If I have a deadline and the piece needs to be ready, I do it,” said Amir-Himmel.

Besides the pressure that time constraints often give, Amir-Himmel said his inspiration can be drawn by an appeal of the unknown. He asserted that composing music is often like the “life is a box of chocolates” reasoning.

“Each piece has its own world and each time its like I’m discovering my new profession. I don’t know what will be the next piece but it’s always new and fresh,” said Amir-Himmel.

Amir-Himmel has also created a particular set of compositions based off of four paintings by surrealist Salvador Dali, somehow linking the painted art form to a musical one.

“To find music that will really illustrate the painting is really hard and really satisfying when you reach the point,” assured Amir-Himmel, “When I was working, I would write and say, nah, this, nah. And then bingo, it’s it.”