Advice from PR pro that all students can use


Kyle Fisher poses with the PR Society’s President, Abby Porada, after Fisher’s presentation on Nov. 9.

Robert Morris University’s Public Relations Society latest meeting on Nov. 9 welcomed Vice President of Public Relations and Marketing at RMU and the creator of the Change a Life Campaign Kyle Fisher to speak.

While Fisher’s focus was on PR, her tips can help anyone student preparing to search for their first job in the real world.

1. Love your work and get fulfillment from doing a good job. Not only should you do the right thing first, but your company should also do the right thing first.

“You cannot PR your way out of something you acted your way into,” Fisher explained.

2. You must learn to write and speak accurately. Learn different voices, languages, and styles to communicate with different types of audiences.

3. Possibly the most important thing on Fisher’s list – do not make a mistake on your resume because the resume is the first thing a potential employer sees. When there are stacks and stacks of resumes, an error will have yours thrown in the trash.

4. To supplement your resume, a portfolio with samples of your work and recommendation letters will show potential employers exactly what you have to bring to the table. While you are waiting for your dream job, or even just your first job, prepare your portfolio by looking for opportunities. Work on a volunteer project you know that the company you wish to work for is involved in, or volunteer to do work for the company. Learn and gain experience.

5. Research the company you are applying for, so you can ask your potential employer educated questions.

6. Interview someone at the company you dream of working for. By doing so, it allows you to make connections and add to your network.

RMU’s PR Society’s welcomes everyone to attend its next meeting on Dec. 7 in Hale 304 at 5 p.m. John Locke will be teaching the basics of the design program InDesign.