Alpha Chi Rho camping in cold temperatures to raise awareness

Delenn Poe

“Freezing for a reason.” That is the saying that is getting Alpha Chi Rho through the week. They have been camping outside the Nicholson Center for a special cause for its annual fundraiser in which members live in tents and get donations from passing students and faculty.

As part of their philanthropy, they wanted to raise money and awareness for the National Cancer Society, and all the donations from this week go to the charity. They set up camp on Sunday, Nov. 5, and they will take down camp on Saturday, Nov. 11.

“We hope to get more than last year what we did last year. So around $1,000 would be really nice,” said Joseph Souzo, brother of Alpha Chi Rho. “But honestly, at the end of the day, it is all about the cause and trying to raise as much as possible.”

While they camped out for a week, the brothers thought of different ways to stay warm. They built bonfires, and they had their own cookouts. When they ran out of wood for the bonfires, they used space heaters to keep warm. They also prompted the charity by hanging up signs at their camp site. During the first days of the camping experience, they played music and were interacting with the passing students and staff that would donate as they went to class.

“We started with seventeen campers, and we are down to four. A lot of people got sick, blew away with the wind. We have some MIA’s, some missing in action,” said Souzo.”I’m pretty sleep-deprived right now, to be honest with you, and I’m still going to class. It sucks the winds are really loud, and they hit the tents with ferocious ferocity.”

Their next event is Corn-hole for a Cure, which takes place on Saturday, Nov. 11 from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. Students play in teams of two, and it is $5 per person. This is another chance to raise even more money for the National Cancer Society.

Delenn Poe, Malyk Johnson