Dining services meeting previews future changes


Leah Fleischel, News Editor

On Jan. 31 at 6 p.m., Dining Services held a meeting in lower Salem to discuss plans for the 2013-2014 school year. They work on a five-year plan basis, and this academic year finishes out the one that is currently in place. A plan for 2017-2018 is currently in the works, but this meeting’s purpose was to discuss the more immediate future with students so that Dining Services has proper feedback to cater to the needs of RMU students.

The main discussion that was held was about the future of dining in Yorktown. Russ Williams, director of dining services, confirmed that Yorktown will fully be a residence hall in fall 2013. There is more than 6,000 square feet is free for RMU to work with for a dining area, and students had plenty of ideas to offer as to what they would like to see go in it.

While students like the Iron City Grille, they want to be able to have a variety of food at almost any time of the day. Many at the meeting requested a grab-and-go breakfast and lunch option, similar to the items that are available in the Wheatley Cafe.

Additionally, residents would really like to see a full dinner served with about three options nightly. There are plans in the works for a bar to be put in that would be available for students over 21 However, money on the Freedom Card would not be able to be used.

Another idea that was presented the dining staff was a place for food in the Residence Hall area. Students agreed that it would be nice, but definitely not needed because of the close proximity of RoMo’s and the Food Court.

Possibilities of a coffee place in the School of Business Building eventually were also discussed.

Meetings about dining services are held every other Monday in the private area of the Food Court at 6 p.m., and all are welcomed to attend and voice their opinions. In order to make a suggestion or comment, e-mail [email protected].