Dining Services Update


Every few weeks, various staff members meet in the upper dining area of the Nicholson food court to discuss the dining services process with students. In attendance this week were Beth Baic, Assistant director of Business operations, Russ Williams of Dining Operations, Dan Chiaverini Executive Chef  as well as a representative from Pepsi.

One of the first topics discussed, anew online advertisement system, allows students to see dining area hours, as well as specials listed for Romo’s, or the Wheatley Cafe, from the comfort of their own dorm rooms. Dining services has also be broadcasting their specials and important announcements through their twitter page; @rmudining.

RMU dining services will also be posting the limited food court hours for the upcoming thanksgiving break, as well as for expanded, four week, winter break in December on the dining section of the RMU web page.

Following scripted decisions,  one student addressed the issues of fruit flies in the food court. Russ Williams addressed this issue stating that they are being treated, at night, with “appropriate chemicals that are safe for use around foods” said Williams.

Another topic addressed by students included the possibility of a small breakfast area in Braddock hall, not as extravagant as Romo’s, but a small grab and go station for student convenience. Nothing is planed for the spring semester, but the 2013 fall semester could include changes.

The RMU dining services committee would also like to make it clear to all students that meal plan funds do not carry over to the next semester. The balance in student meal plans at the end of this semester will be lost if it is not used up before winter break.