Dream and Make Change

Leah Moose, News Editor

On Martin Luther King Jr. Day, various RMU students and community members
gathered in the Rogal Chapel at 5:30 pm for a special candlelight vigil. The ceremony
was part of the weeklong event dedicated to honoring Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Candles
and quotes from MLK were handed out to individuals entering the chapel while a large
picture of the humanitarian graced the screen in the front of the room. Ciera Wilson,
President of the Black Student Union, gave a few opening remarks on the importance
of the holiday. John Locke presented a historic video of the Civil Rights Movement,
Chauncy Alexander recited his own poem tribute to Martin Luther King Jr. and Pastor
Craig Giles spoke about having dreams to end the ceremony. Giles warned, “beware of
dream-snatchers. They simply don’t have dreams of their own.” Giles also reminded the
audience to “dream and make change.”