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Leah Moose

Leah Moose, Staff Member

A junior journalism major at Robert Morris University, Leah is a staff writer and photographer for the student-run newspaper, “The Sentry.”

Additionally, Leah is a member of the Society of Collegiate Journalists.

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Holiday plans in Pittsburgh

Leah Moose, Lifestyles Editor November 15, 2013

This November marks the 53rd Annual Light Up Night® brought to Pittsburgh by the Pittsburgh Downtown Partnership (PDP). This year's Light Up Night will be on Friday, November 22 and will add even more...

About Time there was a sappy yet successful movie

Leah Moose, Lifestyles Editor November 6, 2013

"About Time" will be in theaters nationwide starting November 8.  After viewing the soon-to-be-released romantic comedy “About Time," I have one famous movie’s tagline on my mind- You’ll laugh....

An art etched in skin and society

Leah Moose, Lifestyles Editor April 26, 2013

The elderly woman entered the shop with a plan. Ever since she was a young lady, she had itched to be a part of the culture her husband and the bulk of society always wrote off so quickly. Now, in her...

How to dress in the office Q&A

Leah Moose, Lifestyles Editor April 19, 2013

Shelley, the Marketing & Fashion Coordinator at The Mall at Robinson, shares her knowledge on styling for the office.  RMU Sentry Media: How is choosing workplace attire different from “street”...

Green with Spring Fever

Green with Spring Fever

Leah Moose, Lifestyles Editor March 22, 2013

This March, RMU Sentry Media highlighted clothes and accessories from EcoChic, located in Robinson. These photos showcase different spring-time styles which are sure to inspire true Spring Fever. Check...

EcoChic Q&A

Leah Moose, Lifestyles Editor March 15, 2013

EcoChic is a women's clothing consignment store located in Robinson. RMU Sentry Media was given the chance to work with EcoChic and choose 6 spring-focused outfits to feature in our March print edition. RMU...

A hitchhiker’s guide to a public funeral

Leah Moose, Lifestyles Editor March 5, 2013

One November morning in 1963, college student, Jim Vincent hitchhiked from Hiram, Ohio to Washington, D.C. The decision to make the trek was as easy for him as it was to stick out his thumb to signal the...

21 & Over: Cheeky jokes, uninspired plot

“21 & Over:” Cheeky jokes, uninspired plot

Leah Moose, Lifestyles Editor March 1, 2013

I thought I knew what to expect walking into the film, “21 & Over.” I expected some vulgar jokes that are surprisingly hard to resist combined with a humdrum plot that mirrored the creators’...

Alex Nee (Johnny) and Trent Saunders (St. Jimmy) in American Idiot the musical.

‘American Idiot’: Provocative presence in Heinz Hall

Leah Moose, Lifestyles Editor February 22, 2013

Heinz Hall was brimming with angst and punk sounds during Tuesday’s premiere of Green Day’s “American Idiot: The Musical.” The Broadway show featured the songs of the band’s award-winning album,...

Beyonce preforms at the 2013 Presidential Inauguration.

Beyonce’s “Lip-Gate”: Why does it matter?

Leah Moose, Lifestyles Editor January 25, 2013

This Monday marked both President Barack Obama's second inauguration and the celebration of Martin Luther King Jr. Day. While both occasions were particularly significant for the nation, Beyonce was...

What to know walking into Les Miserables

Leah Moose, Lifestyles Editor January 5, 2013

After viewing the movie musical Les Miserables only a few hours ago, I realized there are several details that potential viewers should know before going into the theater. First, Les Miserables, is...

One of the many New Years Eve DIY found on Pinterest.

Best of Pinterest: New Year’s Eve edition

Leah Moose, Lifestyles Editor December 28, 2012

Throwing a New Year’s Eve party? Going to a friend’s? Staying in your pj’s and watching the ball drop from home? Explore some of the most popular NYE tips and ideas from Pinterest. Pinterest has...

Republicans take control of the House

Republicans take control of the House

Leah Moose, Lifestyles Editor November 6, 2012

[<a href="" target="_blank">View the story "Republicans in the House " on Storify</a>]

Updated Results: Election 2012

Leah Moose, Lifestyles Editor November 6, 2012

[View the story "Landslide of states: updated results " on Storify]

Hashtag to encourage: stay in line

Leah Moose, Lifestyles Editor November 6, 2012

[View the story "Stay in line: the hashtag" on Storify]

Paranormal Inactivity

Paranormal Inactivity

Leah Moose, Lifestyles Editor November 5, 2012

Fourth movie creeps along in plot progress After viewing “Paranormal Activity 4” (PA4), one admittedly nasty saying comes to mind. “With a face only a mother could love” is similar to how...

One-on-one with “Perks” director Stephen Chbosky

Leah Moose, Lifestyles Editor October 16, 2012

I completed the interview with writer/director of "Perks of Being a Wallflower," Stephen Chbosky on Sept. 28 at the Fairmont Hotel in Pittsburgh, Pa. As I was waiting for him to finish up a previous...

Collegiate Couture

Leah Moose, Lifestyles Editor September 19, 2012

What is implied when we say the word ‘fashion?’ Perhaps the latest trend or a hot, new style of shoes comes to mind. Or maybe it even comes down to knowing when to ditch the sweats and crocs for a...

Freshman 101

Leah Moose, Lifestyles Editor August 27, 2012

--An Inside View to All Things RMU-- Being a college freshman is arguably one of the scariest titles a person can have. Between the roommate situation, the foreign campus and the long-winded debate...

A Steady Hand for Kenya: Jenna’s Photo Gallery

Leah Moose, Lifestyles Editor August 22, 2012

It is not about us. It is not about us, it is just not about us. These are the words that echoed through the minds and hearts of many who traveled to Kenya along with Robert Morris University sophomore,...

Communicating with Thumbs

Leah Moose, Editor April 10, 2012

Communicating With Thumbs   “On Facebook, I couldn’t post anything, comment back, and participate in a chat or any kind of activity. I also use Instagram a lot so that meant I couldn’t...

The Modern Movement

Leah Moose, News Editor February 20, 2012

  Throughout the month of February, individuals around the Nation will be celebrating in memoriam the history of the African-American community. Robert Morris University has also joined this...

Tales of an unsung hero from the South

Leah Moose, News Editor February 16, 2012

Parents from all sections of the world are united over their natural need to document their child’s life. One cannot remember the numbers of forced first day of school photographs. While most parents...

RMU Bans Speed-Skating Coach

Leah Moose, News Editor February 3, 2012

  Information was released on Friday, February 3 that an independent speed-skating coach was banned from Robert Morris University facilities. The ban was a result of “allegations of improper...

Residents of PA Benefit From Act 101

Leah Moose, News Editor January 29, 2012

Students from all ages, majors and backgrounds were welcomed to the Act 101 Open House in the Center for Student Success on Wednesday, January 25. The purpose of the Open House was to present the program...

Dream and Make Change

Leah Moose, News Editor January 19, 2012

On Martin Luther King Jr. Day, various RMU students and community members gathered in the Rogal Chapel at 5:30 pm for a special candlelight vigil. The ceremony was part of the weeklong event dedicated...

E-Readers: A modern issue of publications

Leah Moose, Asst. Online Editor October 28, 2011

When a highly debated controversy is defined, very rarely are books and classic literature connected in most people’s mind. However, due to the changes brought on by advancing technology, a specific...

Geeking Out: The Nerd Revolution

Leah Moose, Staff Writer October 15, 2011

In recent years, one particular trend has begun to multiply and spread rapidly. Its presence is lurking in hip coffee shops, college food courts and elite parties. Thousands of popular retailers are creating...

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