EcoChic Q&A

Leah Moose, Lifestyles Editor

EcoChic is a women’s clothing consignment store located in Robinson. RMU Sentry Media was given the chance to work with EcoChic and choose 6 spring-focused outfits to feature in our March print edition.

RMU Sentry Media: How long has EcoChic been in the area?

Terry Chesky: We are just finishing up our third year- so, going on 3 years.

R: Could you explain the process of how you receive clothes?

T: EcoChic is consignment-which means people bring us things that they know longer have a use for and we consign them. So we sell them, we market them and then they get a percentage of the selling price.

R: Who can consign their clothes?

T: Anyone! Anyone can consign his or her clothes. There is a process, however, and we always refer people to our website because we are different than Plato’s Closet or Clothes Mentor, people just walk in off the street with bags of clothes in any condition and they go through them on the spot. EcoChic is consignment. Which means, first we refer them to our website, give them an info sheet or answer their questions, and then they prepare their clothes at home. They preselect because we ask that clothes are no more than just a few years old, better label or designer, in excellent condition, on hangers, wrinkle free. Because once it comes here, then we put it on the floor, ready to go and if it sells they’ll get more money than if they just paid cash on the spot. They also have to do more work. So, I’d say our consigners are everyone from college students, young moms, career women and some grandmas. So anywhere from 18-80 – a huge range of consigners.

R: What would you want any RMU students to know about your store?

T: Tell them to come out here! I would want RMU students to know that they can get their wardrobe at 60-90% off retail. That this is where to find labels like Banana Republic, J.Crew, Loft, as well as some more mature labels. Although, we don’t do guys’ clothes, I’m sorry! But they can get more value for their money- they can get three pairs of jeans for the price of one.We carry some designer jeans; we’ll get in 7 For All Mankind, Chip and Pepper, the brands that are $150-$200, and they’re going to get them here for $30-$50 bucks vs. $150 and up. So as college students, looking to save some money. Especially, we get college students getting ready to do an internship or student teaching or something like that, they really don’t have any young professional clothing. They get their dress pants, blazers, dress blouse- all those business casual things that they can save some money on. Especially if it’s not something they’re really ready to get into on a permanent scale. It’s a great place to save some money and get better brands. It’s also very eco-friendly, because it’s taking things from someone else’s closet and reusing them, it’s economically and environmentally friendly.

Check out the fashion spread complete with 6 outfits from EcoChic in our March print edition!