Eastern time zone projected electoral votes


Photo credit: Audrey Miller

The electoral votes are in for the projected winner of each state in the Eastern time zone.



Trump is expected to take:

West Virginia- 5

South Carolina- 9

Georgia- 16

Virginia- 13

Indiana – 11

Florida- 29


Clinton is expected:

North Carolina- 15

Ohio- 18

Maine- 4

Vermont- 3

New Hampshire- 4

Massachusetts- 11

Rhode Island- 4

Connecticut- 7

New York- 29

New Jersey- 14

District of Columbia (D.C.) – 3

Delaware – 3

Maryland- 10

Pennsylvania- 20

Michigan- 16

Clinton has to win two out of the six states of: North Carolina, Virginia, Florida, Michigan, Ohio and Pennsylvania to have an advantage. If she wins four out of those six, she will most likely win. If she wins two or fewer, she will be at a huge disadvantage and have to win: Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona and Nevada.

For more information visit the Pennsylvania Department of State and the Allegheny Election Bureau.