Hurricane Sandy, recap


Leaves blowing across the road, outside Sewall Center.

As the last Sandy’s rain showers move out of sight, it is worth taking into account everything that is going on to the north, south, and east of Pittsburgh. We have escaped unscathed from a storm system that very well could have created serious problems in the Pittsburgh area.

On the morning of Monday, Oct. 29, RMU’s emergency task force, coupled with facilities management, began the task of assessing the university’s course of action in respect to the approaching storm.

“Obviously our number one concern is the safety of our students” Stated  Dean of Students John Michalenko.

Throughout the day on Monday, facilities staff made full assessments of any runoff issues on campus and cleaned out drainage gutters on all RMU buildings in preparation for Sandy’s wrath. The RMU emergency task force made the decision on Monday afternoon to cancel classes from 3:45 p.m. until 12:15 a.m. Tuesday afternoon.

This decision was made so that students wold need to travel as little as possible during what was predicted to be the most serious portion of the storm. RAs, and ResLife staff were on duty late into the night, along with the RMU facilities staff in order to make sure emergency responses were both timely and effective.

Fortunately, there was no need for response. Hurricane Sandy weakened in strength, dumping wind and light rain, and only produced minimal damage. A few scattered twigs, and heaps of soaking wet leaves proved to me the best Sandy could muster on RMU’s campus.