Mr. RMU Lights Up Campus

The Student Program Board hosted its second annual Mr. RMU pageant on Friday, February 17. Hosted by Student Program Board vice president, junior, Bridget Bohonek, and officer, junior, Jackie King, the event once again brought laughter and fun to campus.

Students clambered for seats in the packed food court at 8 p.m. as the six contestants took center stage. The competitors were sophomore Chauncey Alexander, freshman Dave Appolon, sophomore Joseph Kapela, senior Ryan Phillis, freshman Darren Washington, and senior and reigning champion, Frank Viera. Each contestant was pre-determined the prior week through volunteer sign-ups.

The panel of judges was comprised of Antonio Porterman, Nancy Thomas, and Armand Buzzelli.

Each contestant was introduced in the first round with his year, major, his talent, and his special talent.

Alexander, majoring in advertising and communications, dabbles in spoken word poetry. His ideal date is anything with the girl of his dreams. Phillis, a business management major, enjoys hip-hop dance. His perfect date is anything, as long as the other person pays. Kapela, a communications and media arts major, loves to sing and his perfect date is at the Quaker Steak and Lube. Washington, a computer forensics major, enjoys singing as well. His ideal date is enjoying a cheese steak at Sheetz, followed by a movie in his dorm. Appolon, majoring in sports management is also a singer, with his date of choice being dinner at Romo’s. Rounding out the contestants, Viera, a graphic design major, also takes pleasure in singing. His perfect date is a country concert.

The second round consisted of the men showing off their different talents. Alexander recited his own spoken word poem, “Vanity.” Phillis performed a hip-hop dance routine. Kapela, dressed in drag complete with make-up, sung Nicki Minaj’s “Super Bass.” Appolon and Washington teamed up and sung a duet. Viera played his guitar and sung a song he wrote called, “Love.”

In the final round, each contestant was told to “strut his stuff” on stage. The judges interrupted each once and asked a randomly selected question.

Alexander was asked which movie would best describe his life.  He replied, I Am Legend. The judges inquired what Phillis would like to be when he grows up and his answer was a mediator. Kapela was questioned as to what animal he would be and to give an imitation of said animal. A bear’s growl was his answer. Washington was asked whom he wanted to spend time with; that person could be dead or alive. He answered he wishes to be with his family. The judges were curious as to what Apollon would buy with one dollar. He responded a McDonald’s double cheeseburger. Viera, when asked who he would have dinner with, replied Jesus Christ.

As the contest came to a close, the first prize to be awarded was Crowd Favorite. Each contender was called forward individually, and the students in the audience cheered for their favorite. After the cheers subsided, Chauncey Alexander received the trophy.

Shortly to follow was the naming of the first runner-up, Frank Viera.

At long last, the moment everyone had been waiting for arrived- the naming of the 2012 Mr. RMU. After a tense silence, the hosts called out a name: Joe Kapela!

“I’m finally number one! I did something similar while I was in high school and I got second then. I feel like Superman and the prettiest guy in school! I can go against Leonardo Di Caprio!” Kapela said in excitement after being crowned.

The pageant concluded at 9 p.m., with the winners running off to celebrate with their friends.

“It was very entertaining and an interesting event!” said Jenna Vidic, freshman and attendee.